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TinyLogo 1.1
Logo programming environment


by:  Timothy J. Lipetz



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TinyLogo is a programming language and program execution environment. It is especially friendly to beginning programmers or people who just want to get a simple idea of what programming is all about. It is based on the Logo programmining language and comes complete with Turtle Graphics.

Once TinyLogo is installed, programs can be written and run entirely on the Palm computer. Also, since TinyLogo programs can be saved and loaded from memos, they can be exchanged with anyone else running TinyLogo. TinyLogo has over 90 built-in procedures and most importantly, allows you to extend the language by writing your own procedures. Within a very short time, new programmers can write their own procedures to create computer graphics, play music, manipulate words and sentences, and calculate numbers.

—  What's New!  —————

New in Version 1.1 - 12/99

Bypassed that annoying Palm auto-capitalization. It is now off by default for input.

New procedures to set and get the values of global variables: make, thing.

New procedures to read and write memos: mopen, mnew, mclose, mprint, mprintline, mreadline, meof.

New procedures for bit mapped graphics: box, icon, loadicons, printtext.

New procedures for non-blocking pen detection: pen, in.

New procedure for Yes/No confirmer: ask.

New procedure to force garbage collection: garbagecollect.

Modified the word procedure to accept numbers as arguments and convert them to text.

Modified the sentence procedure to accept numbers as arguments.

Can now enter a "?" in word constants, procedure names, and arguments.

Line clipping problem on lower edge of screen is fixed.

Corrected documentation, TinyLogo only works on Palm OS 3.0 or greater.

Two new sample programs: TL_animate and TL_hangman


Additional files required:

download Mathlib d/lMathlib
download PocketC runtime d/lPocketC runtime

(You will need to install the files listed above to run this application.)

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