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—  Develop and Market an Application  

The PalmSpot programming primer will provide you with all the information you need to begin programming an application to promoting it on the internet. Listed to the right of each section is a link summary of all web pages mentioned under the topic. We are planning to create a source code archive of our own, but we can't do it without the help of the developers. If you have created freeware apps and would like to submit your source code, please contact If you have any additions to any of these sections or would like to recommend the development of a new section, email

Tutorials and Books on Programming

Programming | Source Code | Authoring Packages | Testing | Web Pages | Promoting |Usenet Groups

Programming Under Windows

If you are just beginning to program you may want to go through a few tutorials to learn the basics before you start on your Pilot app. TheC Language Tutorialis an excellent 13 chapter online tutorial, that will get you started in the basics of C. If you want to learn C++, you can take a look atC++ Instructional Site. It is a beautifully designed tutorial that is regularly has several quality books on C++ programming, includingDesign Patterns: Element of Reusable Object-Oriented Software andMore Effective C++: 35 New Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs. If you are just looking for some quick info on the specifics of Pilot Programming, check outWade's Pilot Programming FAQ.

Programming Links

C Language Tutorial

C++ Instructional Site

Wade's Prog FAQ

Programming Under Linux/Unix/Mac

Linux Development has several utilities including a GNU C compiler, prc tools and general information about programming on Linux.Pilot Unix Development can help you with getting gcc- with binutils-2.7 and prc-tools-0.4.2 for Irix 6.2 and Pilot UNX Developer Toolshas information on informaiton on compilers, editors, and emulators.MacOS Palm Pilot has lots of useful information about using a Palm Pilot and a Mac as well as links to Mac friendly Pilot programs.

Linux Development

Pilot Unix Development

Pilot UNX Developer Tools

MacOS Palm Pilot

Source Code and Program Examples

Programming | Source Code | Authoring Packages | Testing | Web Pages | Promoting |Usenet Groups

Once you have learned the basics of programming and want to begin coding, you may want to see some examples of how others have written Pilot has over 20 programs with source code submitted by the users of the site. Go toC & Pila Source Code Page for close to two dozen program examples in Pila and C, these include such titles as "MemoPad" and "StockMarket".

Source Code Links

C & Pila Source Code

Available Authoring Packages

Programming | Source Code | Authoring Packages | Testing | Web Pages | Promoting |Usenet Groups


There are two main developmental packages available for writing applications in C for the Pilot. They areGCC Win32 andCode Warrior 5 from Metrowerks. Read the article entitledCodewarrior Vs. GCC for more information about both packages and a comparison of the two.GCC programming tricks for the PalmPilot has several tips for using GCC, including having more than 32k of code and Interfacing to IEEE floating point system traps. The GNU Pilot SDK is another development package based on GCC, which also contains a tutorial to get you started.CASL 2.5 is a development package similar to Visual C in the way it allows you to construct programs using objects, however the finished program will usually be larger than one created using Code Warrior or GCC. If you are just looking for documentation on the Palm OS, then download the 3.0 Palm OS SDK which includes the Emulator, libraries, API documentation, etc.

Author Software Links

GCC Win32

Code Warrior 4

GCC tricks


CASL 2.5

Electronic Text/Documents

Creating your own Etexts is the easiest way to contribute to the Pilot community. There are several utilities to assist you in converting your text to PilotDoc format.Aportis Doc Professional is the primary commercial application used to do this, however there are several popular freeware utilities as well. MakeDoc is available forDOS-Win3xx,MacOS,Java, andWin95/98 - NT. If you are looking for an Etext project and you have some spare time, take a look atThe On-Line Books Page and find a book you like and would like to add to the growing number of books for the Pilot.

Aportis Doc Professional

MakeDoc DOS-Win3xx

MakeDoc MacOS

MakeDoc Java

Win95/98 - NT

The On-Line Books Page

Testing Your Application

Programming | Source Code | Authoring Packages | Testing | Web Pages | Promoting |Usenet Groups

When you have finished writing your application you will want to test it on your Pilot, however there is an easier way to do this. Using the Co-Pilot Emulator you can test your application on your computer, so you don't have to crash your pilot when you want to begin debugging. Co-Pilot is available in all the major platforms and the Windows and Mac versions are now supported by 3Com called Palm OS Emulator. The added benefit of using the emulators is the ability to create screen captures of your programs to distribute to the various Pilot Software to better display what your program does.

Emulator Links

Windows Co-Pilot 2.0b3

Mac Co-Pilot 2.0b3

Unix X Co-Pilot

OS/2 Co-Pilot

WinCE Co-Pilot

Free Web Hosting

Programming | Source Code | Authoring Packages | Testing |Web Pages | Promoting | Usenet Groups

Now that you have all the bugs out of your app, you will want to promote it so that people will download and purchase it, if you have created a shareware app. You will want to create a web page to provide more information as well as support for the , ,, provide web pages free of charge with a limit on disk space.

Web Page Links

Shareware Registration

Programming | Source Code | Authoring Packages | Testing | Web Pages |Promoting | Usenet Groups

If your app is shareware then you will want a place to handle the registration for will handle all the transactions related to shareware registration at a reasonable,, are all Pilot Software sites that accept user submissions. Use Winzip to package your file for distribution, because that is the predominant compression format that each of the sites require its authors use.

Promotion & Registration Links

Usenet Newsgroups

Programming | Source Code | Authoring Packages | Testing | Web Pages | Promoting| Usenet Groups

There are several newsgroups that talk about Pilot programming and may be able to help you if you have a question. Darren Massena hosts the groups on his news server. The groups arepilot.programmer,pilot.programmer.gcc,pilot.programmer.jump,pilot.programmer.pila.massena, andpilot.programmer.codewarrior.

Newsgroup Links






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